Natural England – National Character Area Profiles

This website contains interactive profiles which describe each of England’s 159 National Character Areas (NCAs). Each NCA represents an area of distinct and recognisable character at the national scale. Their boundaries follow natural lines in the landscape, not county or district boundaries. This makes them a good framework for decision-making and planning for future change. The profiles can be accessed through the search function above, via the map of England below, or via a list organised by region (also below).

The information contained within the NCA profiles aims to help guide land management and other activities to strengthen character and resilience, responding to pressures such as climate change.

They can:

  • Help people to make decisions about the places that they live in and care for.
  • Support the planning of large-scale conservation projects.
  • Inform the delivery of nature recovery and help target land management schemes.
  • Encourage joined-up working towards a common vision.
  • Inform choices about land management and landscape change, providing valuable evidence to help inform decision-making.
  • Signpost users to a wide range of relevant evidence developed by Natural England and other organisations.

The NCA profiles have been developed in partnership with stakeholders. This website builds on the original static PDF documents (hosted on published in 2014. It is designed to enhance accessibility and user experience, featuring interactive mapping and updated data analysis. They will continue to be updated as new information becomes available.

National Character Area Profiles

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North East England

North West England

Yorkshire and the Humber

East Midlands

West Midlands

East of England

South East England and London

South West England

Local-level landscape character information

For further information about landscape character at the local (sub-NCA) level, refer to the relevant local Landscape Character Assessment(s).

Other information link to

Landscape Character Assessment Database

The Landscape Institute and partners have developed a draft Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) database. This compiles over 500 LCAs from local to regional scale across the UK and Ireland. Links to the LCAs within each NCA can be found within this database, which provide more detailed local assessments of landscape character.

For further information about the database and to provide feedback on this, visit the Landscape Institute website.